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Bank Austria Culture

Do what is important ... Art and culture are important to us because they help shape our society in a sustainable manner. That is why we support numerous cultural institutions and young artists.

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Bank Austria Culture

Servus, I’m Emma and I’m a painter. I regularly guide you through Bank Austria Studios with stories about young artists, interviews and studio visits.

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Bank Austria Salon

Servus, I’m Felix. I am a musician and my second living room is the Bank Austria Salon. Young talents from the music scene regularly perform in the beautiful baroque hall of the Old Town Hall.

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Bank Austria Art4you

Servus, I’m Sofie! My adventure playground is art and culture. With me you will regularly find out everything about new exhibitions and the cooperation partners of Bank Austria, such as the Albertina or the Kunstforum Wien. By the way, you shouldn’t miss the Art Walks either!

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Bank Austria Crowdfunding

Servus, my name is Jonas. I’m always looking for cool ideas that can be realized with crowdfunding campaigns. At Bank Austria Crowdfunding you will find the ideal support for your project!

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We like !


Servus Emma, is there any more news from the Bank Austria Studios?

Yeah sure, have a look over here.


Servus Felix, when will the next live concerts finally take place in the Bank Austria Salon?

I am happy that there are finally concerts in front of an audience again! Click here for the calendar.


Servus Sofie, do you know how I can get my feed even more colorful?

Sure, have a look on this artists, they really deserve to be on your feed!

Thanks for the tip!


Servus Jonas, how is the Crowdfunding running? Are there many projects in the race?

Yes, this year is really a good one. We already have so many projects that we can´t accept any new submissions.

Now it´s up to the crowd to support all the great projects that still need some support. Here there are!

Thank you.