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Art4You – the wow experience

Okay, I’ll admit it, I get bored quickly. I need to be challenged, to always be at the cutting edge. There’s just so much to discover in the area of art and culture. I love to be a step ahead of the game and to hunt out new trends before they hit the mainstream. For me, that’s a great adventure.

The Kultursommer with all its outdoor events has been so much fun, I really enjoyed it. But what's now?

How about a visit to the Albertina Modern, where the exhibition "American Photography" is currently on show. If you don't want to leave the house at all, I can recommend the Bank Austria Art Walks.

Nan Goldin, Jimmy Paulette auf Davids Fahrrad, NYC 1991, Albertina Wien - The ESSL Collection, Foto: Peter Kainz, c Nan Goldin. Marian Goodman Gallery

Also, for top-class exhibitions go to the Bank Austria Kunstforum Vienna. I'm already looking forward to see "Rebecca Horn" in late September.

Bank Austria Kunstforum Vienna

How would you define a successful cultural experience?

I’m always on the lookout for new inspirations. I love being surprised and being moved. I often don’t know what to expect in advance.

I simply go there and, afterwards, think to myself: Wow, I’ve never thought about that in this way before!

Culture broadens my perspective. It allows me to escape from the everyday and immerse myself in completely new worlds.

What does “Art4You” mean to you?

I often don’t have the time to research everything that’s on offer in detail. So it’s practical to receive tips and background information about interesting acts and events.

And to obtain tickets without any huge organisational effort. For me, “Art4You” is also an opportunity to be exclusively present at extraordinary happenings, to which one wouldn’t normally get access.

What makes a cultural scene vibrant?

For me, this is the mix that results from the coming together of established institutions with the young, wild scene. Art should always be evolving, and irritating, because otherwise it wouldn’t offer society any new impulses.

I often look at exhibitions for a second time, calmly, in order to generate more ideas. Art must be free and independent, has to be able to do completely crazy things.

I believe that there’s neither a right way nor a wrong way and that everything must be possible. I also like it when someone finds inspiration in tradition as a way of reinvigorating the present.

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