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Strike a Pose!

The Public Moves programme of Vienna’s ImPulsTanz Festival offers free workshops for all. As part of the Kultursommer, professionals show you a range of dance styles: from ballet to Afrofusion, from vogue to jazz dance. There are around 300 free courses that you can sign up for, all on the day before.

Rio Rutzinger is responsible for the workshops at ImPulsTanz and curates the dance and performance programme of the Kultursommer together with Mani Obeya. Here he tells us how Public Moves came about and what you definitely shouldn’t miss this year.

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It’s a place where you’d normally see beach volleyball, soccer, handball or paddle tennis being played. The Sportinsel on the Donauinsel is an ideal location for sports fans: a huge green space where you can work off all your energy. “During last year’s Kultursommer, we built a stage for the first time: a 100-square-metre yellow dance floor,” explains Rio Rutzinger, who oversees the workshops at the ImPulsTanz Festival: “It was a real eye-catcher.” Runners or walkers came and saw that professionals were offering free dance lessons. “Women wearing niqabs were standing next to young sportspeople, which I really liked. Lots of people who probably couldn’t afford expensive tickets were suddenly curious. And they wanted to join in.”

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Public Moves – Everyone can dance

Public Moves is the name of the ImPulsTanz project, which already began to abandon the sacred temples of high art in 2017 with the aim of coming more directly to the people. Breaking down barriers was a central concern, right from the very start. The first performances took place in the courtyard of the Museumsquartier. Later, the cooperation with the Kultursommer enabled the workshop programme to be expanded. This year, around 300 courses with professionals for all levels and age groups will take place between 6th July and 15th August. Participants will dance on a range of stages distributed right across the city, such as in the Aspern Arena, in front of the Rathaus, on the Kaiserwiese in the Prater, next to the Hirschstetten swimming pool or, as described above, at the Sportinsel on the Donauinsel.

Everyone can dance. You don’t need any previous dancing experience and you can sign up for every course the day before. In any event, the courses sound like they’ll be a lot of action and fun: from “What is good taste anyway?” (16th July, Kaiserwiese), via “Screaming Out Loud” (23rd July, Maria-von-Zeitoun Church), to “Virgin Vogue” (24th July, Sportinsel) and “Power Animals” (5th August, Kaiserwiese). 112 teachers will you offer an insight into how they work.

Vienna is a city of dancethanks to ImPulsTanz

The range of dance and performances in Vienna is huge, all year round. And the domestic dance scene can hold its head up high on the international stage. The Tanzquartier, brut Wien and ImPulsTanz in summer ensure not only that Austrian artists are supported, but also that international stars and newcomers are regularly invited to perform.

Vienna is definitively a city of dance, which has developed into an international meeting point in summer thanks to ImPulsTanz. The classic workshop programme also brings dancers and teachers from all around the globe. From stars such as the US choreographer Meg Stuart to Austrian high-flyers such as Doris Uhlich. Here you can learn from the best.

In 2012, ImPulsTanz was awarded the Bank Austria Art Prize in the category “International”. “ImPulsTanz ensures that Austria is also recognised internationally as the beating cultural heart of Europe,” said the jury: “It has shown that our country is not only a country of culture with historical traditions, but also one which has, in many ways, developed even further artistically and, literally, has its finger on the pulse.” It is fantastic that this summer’s free dance courses will help Vienna to keep its finger on the pulse for yet another year.

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And here are three more tips from Rio about things that you definitely shouldn’t miss:

  • Jose Agudo has worked extensively with the London dance star Akram Khan. And now he’s returned to his roots, flamenco, which he explores in a contemporary context. Find out how he does this in his workshop “Flamenco Roots” on 8th August at the Sportinsel.

  • Veza Maria Fernandez Ramos lives in Vienna and comes from the queer feminist scene. Her workshop “Screaming Out Loud” will allow you to explore your own voice on three dates in July. And to learn how to join others and create a polyphony.
  • Archie Burnett was present in the 1970s and 1980s as vogue was invented on the New York underground. In his workshop on 15th July, club culture will thrive at the Sportinsel as he shows you some cool vogue moves.