Hero Artwalk


The Right Red

Even when the museums are closed you can still enjoy exclusive guided tours of the exhibitions of the Albertina, the Albertina modern and the Kunstforum thanks to the virtual Art Walks.

Stefan Yazzie Herbert, founder of the creative agency House of Bandits, tried out several technical approaches in order to guarantee that this online presence is also a cool experience for you.

The visit to a vernissage is a social event. How do you make this work online?

That really was a major challenge. We didn’t even try to imitate a world that already existed. We wanted to create something new and paid great attention to the visual presentation. We used the entire exhibition space as our setting. A moving camera enabled us to integrate interesting details. We experimented a lot and this was loads of fun.

I believe that you also used a special technique to ensure the quality of the colours of the artwork?

Exactly. My father is a specialist in colour, who has been addressing this subject for his whole life. So he was very well placed to teach me how this is done. We worked with so-called LUTS, presets for the camera that ensure that the painting is reproduced as perfectly as possible. There’s not a lot of point in looking at images of artworks in which the red isn’t the right red – isn’t the same tone as the original.

Absolutely perfect

That sounds like a very scientific approach.

Absolutely! My father would be proud to see how successfully we have captured the colours. This is a relatively new field of research that’s only existed for a few years. Earlier, browsers weren’t able to reproduce colours with such precision. That’s why museums didn’t pay so much attention. They were really exacting when they were producing a catalogue or a book and the colours had to be absolutely perfect. But for social media, marketing and communications one used imprecise images. For me, however, this isn’t the right approach. It is precisely these channels that enable large numbers of people to see the artworks. And these people should be presented with the best possible quality.

Are the guided tours also interactive?

We’ve also thought up something special here. Data protection is extremely important to Bank Austria. Hence, we’ve built a tool that allows one to join the chat without registering. Normally one always has to register in order to stream something. Privacy is also important to us, as a result of which we wanted to guarantee the anonymity of all visitors. In order to achieve this we worked with 30-year-old technologies. Sometimes it’s these old applications that simply best stand the test of time.

Exclusive access

Who actually leads the guided tours?

In order to ensure the exclusivity of the Art Walks it is the curators who personally lead the tours. They are the best informed and can explain which works were selected and why as well as perhaps being able to share a personal anecdote. As a rule, they rarely appear in public and hardly ever offer guided tours. Thanks to the chat function, we enable you to ask them direct questions, even during the Art Walk. This means that you have exclusive access to background knowledge that can’t be offered by a normal guided tour.