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Bank Austria

A huge Crowd Success

Actually, the coolest thing is that I get to accompany young artists as they take their first steps. I know them before they are famous. I am one of the first to believe in them. That gives me a lot of energy when I see them take off and go their own artistic way. Here are some facts for the Bank Austria Crowdfunding 2021...

Bank Austria Crowdfunding 2021 in Numbers

  • 33 successful projects
  • 2,257 supporters
  • 339,797 euros is the total paid out
  • 100,000 euros came from Bank Austria
  • 3,000 euros was the average support given to each project by Bank Austria
  • 9,800 euros was the average financing target
  • 25,000 euros was the highest target (Gegenwind Festival)
  • 174 supporters funded the book project “Mid-Century Vienna”, which was the project with most supporters in 2021
  • 97,300 people visited the Bank Austria crowdfunding projects at wemakeit

I’ve heard that crowdfunding is already complete for 2021?

That’s right! It was a huge success and an unbelievable experience: Just a few days after the launch the Bank Austria budget had already been exhausted!

Wow, that’s impressive.

Yes! A total of 33 projects were successful and received funding. Crowdfunding is about getting exciting, independent projects off the ground. It’s a way of helping people to help themselves, because the money comes from others who believe in the project.

And what does Bank Austria do?

It makes 100,000 euros available every year. The focus is on new and innovative projects that are socially relevant. A maximum of 5,000 euros per project will be contributed if you succeed in raising the first third of your planned total from at least 20 supporters.

That sounds good, where can I find out more?

I’m delighted that you’re interested. You can find all the information here. And there are also examples of successfully completed campaigns.

Thanks, I’ll take a look straightaway. And I’ve also already got an idea for a cool project. So I’ll be taking part in the next round.

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