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All or Nothing!

You’ve got a great project, but you haven’t got the small amount of cash that you need to realise it? Bank Austria will help you with your crowdfunding. Every year, the bank provides support of this sort with a total value of 100,000 euros. And its focus is young, innovative and socially relevant projects. Sounds complicated? But it isn’t.

On the platform wemakeit, you can find all the important information about crowdfunding. Such as how to succeed in motivating others to financially support your art. And all the successfully completed projects of previous years can also be found on the website.

So what does this support look like in concrete terms?

Bank Austria wants to offer an opportunity to as many projects as possible. This is why the 100,000 euros are shared out in such a way that each participating project receives a maximum of 5,000 euros, until the total budget has been handed out. You do the core of the work yourself. You motivate people to believe in you and your project and to support you financially. As soon as you have raised the first third of your target amount, Bank Austria will contribute the second third – up to this maximum of 5,000 euros. Then the final third is once again your responsibility.

It is essential that your initial third is provided by a minimum of 20 supporters. And that your campaign is run via the wemakeit platform. And as soon as 100 % of the target sum or more has been achieved, the entire amount will be paid out (minus the fee charged by the wemakeit platform).

But beware! This doesn’t mean that you can relax during the campaign. And right at the end you must, once again, give it all you’ve got. Because the principle of all-or-nothing applies: If a campaign fails to achieve the complete financing of the final third following the approval of the contribution from Bank Austria, then this funding from Bank Austria won’t be paid out at all. Is that all clear? Then get thinking about a cool project. You can do it! And the quicker you are, the greater the chance that there will still be some money for your project “in the pot”.


If anything still isn’t clear after you’ve studied the details of the call, you can ask direct questions in the webinars. Wemakeit offers webinars on the following dates:

Wednesday, 26th May 2021 at 18:00

Thursday, 10th June 2021 at 18:00

Participation is free for those interested in crowdfunding supported by Bank Austria. Simply register by e-mail at hello@wemakeit.com – mentioning your participation in crowdfunding with support from Bank Austria.

Here you can find a link to the successful projects of recent years on wemakeit: Link wemakeit

And the teams from wemakeit and Bank Austria are naturally also available to answer questions and provide information at any time.

wemakeit: Natalie Marar, hello@wemakeit.com

Bank Austria: Slavica Bilgin & Katja Erlach, bankaustriacrowdfunding@unicreditgroup.at