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ANIMA, Photo: Marion Kunst


ANIMA – 5 Facts about the Bank Austria Crowdfunding Project

Collapse and new beginning are the central subjects of the debut album by artist Natalie Jean-Marain aka ANIMA. In collaboration with Oszillator and Heidi Bobal, 9 to 13 songs are created that invite listeners into ANIMA's unique sound worlds. Supported by Bank Austria Crowdfunding, the album is scheduled to be released in the second half of 2022.

Oszillator, Photo: ANIMA

Heidi Bobal, Photo: ANIMA

This is me…

Natalie Jean-Marain - Voice Artist, compositions, lyrics, conception, producing, vocal producing

This is our project…

A journey from darkness to the light, this is what the debut album of artist ANIMA is about.

ANIMA’s compositions are the starting point for the producing duo Oszillator to create music of the future. Electronic, orchestral and popular elements form cross-genre soundscapes for ANIMA’s voice. Recording engineer Heidi Bobal brings ANIMA’s voice to sound carriers with her unique work philosophy.

Together we have already done a lot of conceptual work and have a clear vision of how the completed work should sound and function. In two intensive creative retreats, musical sketches for 9 of the 13 songs have been created. Throughout the next months, these sketches will be further developed in order to go into the studio with them as soon as possible and record with ANIMA and other musicians. Already we are very happy with the variety of this album’s music. From electropop ballads to the soul, euphoric techno anthems, to electronic underworlds, every listener will find something special for them.

The ANIMA team has already successfully realized a joint production for the JazzPeriments project: the arrangement of the title NAIMA (John Coltrane) has been nominated multiple times and has also won several international prizes.

ANIMA: Naima

This is important to us…

As written for today, the explosiveness of the lyrics was the motivation to bring the project to life at this precise moment. Especially in these tough and upsetting times, ANIMA’s music shows the way from collapse to a new beginning. The music is designed to touch us and be a symbol of humanity and hope in dark times.

This you cannot miss out on…

More music retreats are planned for the winter and spring of 2022 to enable the deep artistic processes, which are necessary for the album, and to proceed with the work.

The release of the full album is planned for the second half of 2022. It will happen on all music streaming platforms, CD, vinyl and in the form of a live concert.

This is our message to the crowd…

Anima’s debut album is a beacon for you listeners, accompanying you with multi-faceted soundscapes through the individual process from darkness to light.