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BYRD, Photo: Max Hofstetter


BYRD – 5 Facts about the Bank Austria Crowdfunding Project

They are fascinated by the musical spirit of the 60s and 70s and want to bring funk to local radio stations. Byrd's songs range from energetic guitar planks to soulful ballads to empowerment songs with a political message. But let them tell you in their own words...

BYRD, Photo: Max Hofstetter

The Early Byrd Special Cover, Photo: BYRD

This is who we are…

Ina "Vine" Rebhandl

Roberta Kern
backing vocals

Laurenz "Lobster" Pichler
lead guitar

Raphael Werner
rhythm guitar

Assane Fall

Michael "Mikesh" Weitz

Iustin Runceanu

Florian Schwarzenbacher
trumpet, transverse flute

Bernardo Paley
alto saxophone

Florian Schwarzenbacher
baritone saxophone

This is our project…

BYRD is a colourful troupe of 10 musicians who fuse various influences into a warm analog func sound that has retro-hearts beat faster. Songs range from energetic guitar boards to soulful ballads and empowerment songs with political messages. Ina Rebhandl and Michael Weits write the lyrics, partly with melodic sketches or ideas and the band attempts to transform them into earworms and hip-swinging music. Especially live, they convince with authentic handmade music that has everyone dance.

The band is based in Vienna and from there wants to carry funk in all possible directions!

This is important to us…

Producing good to-be-danced-to 60s/70s funk and to bring it to local radio stations. The band has steadily grown and now consists of a permanent line-up of 8-10 musicians who enjoy making other people happy through their music.

This is what you shouldn’t miss…

28.10.21: BYRD Funknight @ Club1019 Vienna. We play a short set and invite you to a jam session afterwards.

27.11.21: BYRD Releaseparty @ Fanialive Vienna. The long awaited EP will be presented, it is possible to purchase T-Shirts and other gimmicks and the music video will be premiered. And on the side one can dance to a superfunky show.

02.12.21: BYRD @ Phatjam in Loft Vienna. We should have played there in 2020 and are finally able to make up for the missed opportunity.

06.05.22: BYRD @ Schwarzach, Salzburg. Thanks to the crowdfunding we are able to play a set in Schwarzach which our sponsors have set on this date.

This is our message to the crowd…

To say it in the words of James Brown: „The one thing that can solve most of your problems is dancing. “