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Caliente – 5 Facts about the Bank Austria Crowdfunding Project

With the help of Bank Austria Crowdfunding, pianist and composer Michael Publig realised his passion project: In 2021 he was finally able to record "Caliente" ("hot") on CD with his ensemble. Here he tells you more about his music and the motivation behind the successful crowdfunding project.

This is us…

Michael Publig
piano, keyboards

Antonis Vounelakos

Rafael Jenner

Gerhard Graml

This is our project …

Finally, pianist and composer Michael Public was able to realize the project closest to his heart and record «Caliente» («hot») on CD.

«Hot» is the motto of the 4-person ensemble.

It combines fiery Ibero-American music with melodious ballads and Cuban rhythms. They play sizzling and at the same time sophisticated Latin fusion chamber music with a lot of sunshine and joy in the music! Paco de Lucia and Chick Corea (amongst many others) were a guiding presence.

Performance of "Caliente", Photo: Georg Brenner

Caliente Album Cover

This is important to us…

I like people (and every kind of good music) and strive to, on one hand, constantly learn new things and on the other hand passing this knowledge on to my students and most importantly show them the fun to be had with music.

This is important to us…

The CD is finished and available on the homepage and in specialized shops.

The distributer is Galileo music:

> Website

> Facebook

There are no current dates at this moment, but they will be announced on the homepage .

This is our message to the crowd…

Do what is fun and brings you joy! Because on top of it you will also be good at it, and the joy and good humor will also spread – today this is more necessary than ever! Of course, we hope to achieve exactly this with “Caliente”!

Michael Publig: Caliente