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Walter Sitz, Photo: Katrin Wieser


DNA of Rhythm – 5 Facts about the Bank Austria Crowdfunding Project

A sense of rhythm is essential for making music. With "The DNA Of Rhythm", musician and music teacher Walter Sitz proves that rhythm can be learned. With a book and an accompanying app, he introduces his innovative method for learning and improving a sense of rhythm. "The DNA Of Rhythm" will be published in the course of 2022 with the support of the Bank Austria Crowdfunding.

Walter Sitz, Photo: Hirandnow

This is me…

My name is Walter Sitz, I am a drummer, guitarist, and composer and have many years of experience in teaching.

This is my project…

The book "The DNA Of Rhythm" presents a new concept for learning and understanding rhythm. The focus is put on the effect of rhythmic events on our body and subsequently provides concrete tools for improving oneself as well as for teaching pulse, syncopations and co.

With over 100 audio examples and practice loops for all singers and instrumentalists, this workbook, which is really more of a fun book, is very practical and for all musical genres that involve some form of pulse.

Walter Sitz Trio, Photo: Porgy Bess

This is important to me…

It has always fascinated me how some grand masters of music are able to play the most complex rhythmic figures seemingly without effort and other people are hopelessly lost clapping along on 1 and 3. While some seem to have rhythm "in their blood", others lack the right concepts. I wanted/want to change this with my method.

This you cannot miss out on…

Parallel to the book, an accompanying app is under development, which will make the work even more interesting and pleasant for the user. We are currently working at full speed on the so-called "user interface".

The book and the app will be published in 2022. The exact date still depends on a number of factors. It’s unlikely going to be spring. :-)

This is my message to the crowd…

Whether you want to deal with rhythm or not, your body cannot NOT feel rhythm.