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The Donaupiraten – 5 Facts about the Bank Austria Crowdfunding Project

This is us…

The Donaupiraten (transl: danube pirates) are Josephine (Nina Bauernfeind, Stimme) and Donny Jepp (Alfons Bauernfeind, „Donaustromgitarre“). We perform austrian (hi)stories from the award-winning book series ASAGAN and produce popsongs and audiobooks for children and adults.

This is our project…

Merry Christmas carols to sing along and five cozy winter stories from ASAGAN. Thanks to crowdfunding is our third album „new winter-(hi)stories & Christmas carols “as a wonderful CD. With a richly illustrated booklet including lyrics and chords for the guitar to play and sing yourself. Many children and their families now have fun listening and singing along.

Cover „Winter-Geschichte(n) & Weihnachtslieder“, Photo: Die Donaupiraten

This is important to us…

We love to dive into the weird world between fantasy and reality together with our audience. Live at our concerts and as an audiobook with songs from ASAGAN, which, by the way, can be streamed from all well-known digital platforms.

Our fans listen to the stories and songs in the car or the children’s room, let themselves be enchanted, sing along loudly, and learn new things about the history of Austria along the way.

We thought to ourselves „new Christmas (hi)stories and carols is what the world needs! “and got right to work.

This you cannot miss out on…

Our album „Winter hi(stories) & Christmas carols“ can be bought at all times in the ASAGAN webshop and ordered in book stores.

Live – reading concerts are planned from spring onwards. At that time, we will also play again at feasts, in museums, theatres and primary schools. Our fourth album „Real treasure hi(stories) & songs“ is planned for June 2022. But this is still strictly confidential ;-).

This is our message to the crowd…

We fly high, we fly far, now is the time for dreams! (translation from the song „clouds sweet as sugar“)

Die Donaupiraten: Winter-Geschichte(n) & Weihnachtslieder