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Alexander Peer, Photo: Stefan Müller


Gin zu Ende, achtzehn Uhr – 5 Facts about the Bank Austria Crowdfunding Project

After a productive summer, poet Alexander Peer's latest collection of poetry was published in December 2021. The poems from "Gin zu Ende, achtzehn Uhr" are characterised by their complexity and occasionally allude to culture, literature, philosophy and architecture. They are complemented with an essay by Daniela Chana and a delicate selection of photographs of Peer's collection.

Here he tells you about the challenges and the success of the crowdfunding project.

Gin zu Ende, Photo: Limbus Verlag

Cover Gin zu Ende, Photo: Alexander Peer / Limbus Verlag

This is me…

Alexander Peer, *1971 in Salzburg. Studies in German language and literature, philosophy and journalism. As a freelance author and journalist, he has been living in Vienna since 2004.

Peer occasionally hosts writing workshops and moderates events. Furthermore, he writes as a reviewer (for the magazine of the Literaturhaus Wien, the Wiener Zeitung, the Poesiegalerie, Literatur und Kritik and others). He regularly writes essays and contributions on literature, architecture, and philosophy.

This is my project…

«Gin zu Ende, achtzehn Uhr» (transl: Gin over, six o’clock) is a compilation of texts and 12-15 images from a pool of 13000 photographs. For 15 years, these have been created during Alexander Peer’s working stays in Europe. He brought everything together in a dramaturgically coherent form. This is accompanied by an essay by Daniela Chana.

I would like to be the forbearance between people it reads in a poem in the cycle ‚Gin zu Ende, achtzehn Uhr‘. One promptly wants to reply that it is already the case. For these poems are indulgent, mild and mature; to use poetry for its full potential of beauty and power was the goal. An immense spectrum of settings and natural phenomena, philosophical theories, emotional states, reflexions on things past, present and what never happened gives these texts depth and complexity. And yet, humour and lightness often dominate and so does precisely this: indulgence.

Alexander Peer, Photo: Michael Winkelmann

This is important to us…

Almost exactly 4 years have passed since the last successful crowdfunding campaign for „Der Klang der stummen Verhältnisse“. There have been many positive reviews for the book with Moussa Kone’s ink drawings and my texts. Currently we are once again living through conditions that alternately make us mute and sometimes scream inside. Making the unspoken vibrate is an impulse that has never left me. Among many aspects of writing, poetry is often about noticing gaps and minimal convulsions in the body and culture. Sometimes it is also about the grand gesture and looking at the sword of Damocles above us…. or rather “the swords of Damocles”.
But even though the writing continuously goes on, the production of a book is yet another challenge, which is why crowdfunding was indispensable as a financial aid.

This you cannot miss out on…

On 5 December 2021, "Gin zu Ende, achtzehn Uhr" will be published by Innsbruck's Limbus Verlag. The volume has 96 pages, costs 15 euros and is distinguished by ist bibliophile design. Publisher Bernd Schuchter and editor Erwin Uhrmann have created the series „Limbus Lyrik“, which already features several sensational books. Always well looked after by the ever precisely reading editor Merle Rüdisser, who gives the fundamentally strong texts another nuance of palpable quality.

16.04.22: Alexander Peer as part of the festival "Hilfe kommt aus Bregenz"!

Further book presentations – also in Vienna – will follow in 2022.

This is our message to the crowd…

Sometimes, arriving simply consists of moving forward.

Video: Gin zu Ende, achtzehn Uhr