Hero Ensemble Verbotene Frucht 2020 Flora Bacher 65

„Zum Wohl…“, Photo: Flora Bacher


Liebe auf den ersten Schluck – 5 Facts about the Bank Austria Crowdfunding Project

The young quartet "Ensemble Verbotene Frucht" (Ensemble Forbidden Fruit) of two ladies and two gentlemen has set itself the goal of making music of different epochs sound in an unusual way.

Ensemble Verbotene Frucht, Photo: Flora Bacher

This is who we are…

Elisabeth Wimmer


Carina Wimmer


Gabriel Hopfmüller

Violoncello, Tuba

Alexander Gergelyfi

Cembalo bzw. Hammerklavier

This is our project…

Coming from Argentina, Maria falls head over heels in love with Leopold, a Viennese coffee house owner. Unfortunately, the young man is already promised to the hotel owner Ms. Sacherl. The mini opera evolves into a roller coaster of emotions: joy, longing, passion, humor, but above all – coffee. Coffee? Well of course, because love and coffee go hand in hand at the young Austrian formation ensemble “Verbotene Frucht”. To ensure that the mini opera in 2 acts comprised of chamber music is not only enjoyable in a theatre, we have decided to produce our second album.

The project is just about to be finished: recordings and post-production in the studio are completed. Only the design has to be finalized in order for us have Presswerk send us the finished CD in just a few weeks.

This is important to us…

Liebe auf den ersten Schluck (Love at first sip) is to be enjoyed at home, in the car or anywhere else as an audio play. Have a cup of fresh coffee, sit back and dive into the first Viennese Coffee-House-Opera.

This you cannot miss out on…

Abo-Konzertreihe der Musikschule Kapfenberg (musikschule-kapfenberg.at)

31.12.21: 21:00h New Year’s concert @ Stadtpfarrkirche Ludwigsburg (D)

The CD release does not have a precise date but is planned for December in Vienna.

This is our message to the crowd…

The ensemble „Verbotene Frucht“ manages to dress up the well-known surprisingly differently and thus refrains from placing limits on themselves.

„Coffee and love – an inseparable connection, musically hitting the mark exceptionally well and staged fantastically.” (transl. Franz Schubert, Art Lounge Cafe Korb)