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MEMENTO MORI Festival – 5 Facts about the Bank Austria Crowdfunding Project

The interdisciplinary Culture Festival MEMENTO MORI is one of the successful Bank Austria Crowdfunding Projects from 2021. Here, we shall introduce you to the people behind the festival and the exciting concept, with over 50 events spread across 11 days looking at the subjects of death and grief.

The full programme can be found here.

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This is who we are…

Tina Zickler
Concept, Planning, Fundraising and Organisation

Inge Vorraber
Communication Design

Lisa Rastl

Katja Schwalenberg

Itai Margula

Mag.a Petra Eckhart

This is our project…

The Culture Festival MEMENTO MORI is addressing the subject of death with a varied programme of lectures, workshops, concerts, readings, movies, theatre productions, walks and guided tours of museums.

Many items in the programme invite visitors to get involved: In Café Tristesse, the bereaved can share their experiences over coffee and cake, the Young Widow_ers Club organises a living books evening and participants in the workshop “Adieu-Tücher” design handkerchiefs in memory of the departed under the guidance of the artist Ida Divinzenz.

Numerous intercultural lectures from figures including Thomas Macho, Daniela Hammer-Tugendhat and Danielle Spera also invite the audience to have their say: The subjects of the lectures range from “To whom does my life belong? Suicide in the modern age”, “Grieving rituals in Judaism” and “Taboos surrounding death in Japan” to “Solidarity between the living, the dying and the dead”.

Slide projection "PARTOUT" © Lisa Rastl

This is important to us…

Removing the taboos associated with death and encouraging us to address our own death and that of others.

This is what you shouldn’t miss…

7.10.2021 – 17.10.2021

A programme of more than 50 events over 11 days that address the subjects of death and grieving.

This is our message to the crowd…

“You can’t escape death, but you can be better prepared when you confront it.”