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Momo’s Marrow, Photo: Olga Kretsch


Momo’s Marrow – 5 Facts about the Bank Austria Crowdfunding Project

Since 2015, Momo's Marrow has been performing their detail-loving soul-pop-rock on Austria's stages. With emotion, authenticity and dynamism, the Viennese band addresses taboos and inconvenient topics in their songs. Supported by the Bank Austria Crowdfunding, they are now dedicating themselves to their next big project: their debut album. Two single releases including a music video are scheduled for March and May 2022. Momo's Marrow not only told us how her first album is going, but also revealed more about her songs and its stories.

Momo’s Marrow, Photo: Olga Kretsch

This is who we are…

Momo’s Marrow is the name of the Vienna band led by singer-songwriter Jasmin Motamen. With their darkly epic sounds and resolute beat, the band frames her soulful voice, which often sings about taboo subjects. She drags skeletons from the cupboard directly onto the stage and isn’t afraid of wrapping uncomfortable issues in catchy melodies.

This is our project…

Bringing music into the world is expensive. Extremely expensive! This is why Momo’s Marrow launched a crowdfunding appeal in May 2021 with the aim of raising 15,000 euros, in order to be able to realise its great dream: of finally recording and releasing its debut album.

Half of the studio recordings are already complete. At the end of November, the singer will begin the most important part of the production, the addition of the vocals.

Momo’s Marrow, Photo: Olga Kretsch

EP-Cover Love & Crime, Foto: Momo’s Marrow

This is important to us…

The singer-songwriter Jasmin Motamen often used to feel overlooked and, although she loves pop and rock music, it was a world in which she was never able to identify herself as a person. For no songs are ever written about the overlooked amongst us. This is what she wants to change by recording her debut album. 12 songs – 12 stories! On the album Human Minds, stories are told about people, who have previously often been ignored. The protagonists of the stories are the unacclaimed. They are the overlooked, the lost, the figures in the background. The colourful palette of these protagonists ranges from heroes to existential failures. Momo’s Marrow’s songs tell unheard stories about people, about whom it’s definitely worth hearing.

This is what you shouldn’t miss…

As the band finds itself right in the middle of producing the album, live appearances aren’t currently the main issue. But Momo’s Marrow still can be heard in duo. Two singles from the album and a music video are due for release in March and May 2022 and, if everything goes to plan, the album should appear, accompanied by a major release concert, in September 2022.

This is our message to the crowd…

A great big thank you to Bank Austria and to our loyal fans, without whom our crowdfunding and, hence, our album production would never have come about! <3

Momo’s Marrow: Love & Crime