Hero Wien Musik2021 Cover

Cover Photo WIEN MUSIK 2021, Foto: Photo: Gustav / Thomas Degen


WIEN MUSIK 2021 – 5 Facts about the Bank Austria Crowdfunding Project

It's that time again! This year, the indie label monkey. is once again bringing you the annual highlights of the Viennese music scene. Against all adversities, this year's album was released in redoubled strength with the support of Bank Austria Cowdfunding: since 24 September you can enjoy the double CD WIEN MUSIK 2021.

Back Cover WIEN MUSIK 2021, Photo: monkey.

This is who we are…

monkey. is a Viennese indie label, management and music publisher founded in 2000. So far, we have released about 250 records of countless local and international artists – the spectrum reaches across all genres following the motto „music is noise that thinks“ (Victor Hugo).

This is our project…

How is the local scene doing in 2021? It gathers, shakes off the virus and the subdued mood like a wet dog and produces, imagines and makes music like crazy. More than ever, better than ever. Something that can be a potential problem, the cut-throat competition, is in full swing: new names and fresh projects are constantly pushing their way onto a comparatively small market. This double CD is designed to help filter out real highlights. Separating the wheat from the chaff, so to speak. The subjective best – we claim no completeness! – year after year, collected on one record.

Cover WIEN MUSIK 2021, Photo: monkey.

This is important to us…

What the Austrian music scene needs right now is a clear sign from the audience: You can count on us! Solidarity rules, ok. The soundtrack to this should speak for and from itself.

WIEN MUSIK 2021 is a memorable statement. It tells of life, survival and re-blooming of a city and its scene. A loud signal! Whoever wants to be on board here: welcome!

This is what you shouldn’t miss…

The double CD is available in retail and right here in our web shop.

Constantly, new and interesting projects are being realised. On our homepage, Instagram and Facebook, we’ll keep you updated an everything that’s going on.

This is our message to the crowd…

We don’t know a more worthy, elegant and efficient way in terms of cultural promotion – the tailwind from Bank Austria is an enormously positive factor in play! Respect.