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Time for your own fan club

For me, there’s something about music that transcends borders. I don’t want to commit myself to any single genre and I find the distinction between high culture and popular culture really outdated. There are great things to discover everywhere. You just have to keep your eyes and, above all of course, your ears open.

7 Facts about the Bank Austria Salon

A space…

1. for supporting and sponsoring young artists.

2. for concerts, rehearsals, readings …

3. for the Bank Austria Community to exchange ideas.

4. that can be used free of charge at the discretion of the Artistic Director and the Bank Austria event team.

5. that is made available by Bank Austria, rent-free, from Monday to Friday.

6. that can be rented for events upon payment of a fee at weekends and on holidays.

7. that contains a tuned Fazioli grand piano that is ready for use at any time.

What’s special about the Bank Austria Salon in the Altes Rathaus in Vienna?

Have you ever heard the Fazioli grand piano? The sound is extraordinary. It’s a real privilege being allowed to play on it. The acoustics in the salon are also amazing. As is the overall ambience of the baroque space, one immediately feels like a star.

But, at the same time, it’s a very intimate space, which means that it’s an ideal place to take your first artistic steps. The fact that I don’t have to pay any rent and even get some PR support is a huge relief. This leaves me more time to exchange ideas with other artists.

. I’ve already met a few with whom I can really imagine doing something together in the future

What does the audience mean to you?

This might sound somewhat kitsch but there’s nothing better than that final applause, which shows me that I touched people with my music. But the feedback of colleagues is also very important to me and my development.

And, to be honest, I certainly hope that people who’ve enjoyed my music recommend me to their friends so that I can build up a small fan club.

If you were a piece of music, which one would it be?

Wow, that’s a really tough question. I’m just as much at home with classical as with jazz music – and have already played both in the Salon. And, if there’s a song from Lady Gaga on the radio, then I’ll also sing along enthusiastically with that. For me, music has no borders.

So I’d say: Perhaps I’m “Westside Story” by Leonard Bernstein, who combined high culture with the allegedly trivial at an early date.

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