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Event at the Bank Austria Salon, Photo: Bank Austria Salon


Just in Case

What happens if someone injures themselves at an event? Who’s liable? Bernhard Warmuth is a certified insurance specialist at ERGO Versicherung AG., He explains to you here why it makes sense to take out event liability insurance and how this works at the Bank Austria Salon in the Altes Rathaus.

Bernhard Warmuth, Photo: ERGO Versicherung AG

What should I think about when I want to organize an event?

An important issue is the liability of the organizer. If something happens during my event then I’m liable. This could be something simple: , vA loudspeaker falls from the stage and injures the foot of a member of the audience. Someone uses a staircase that’s inadequately lit or protected and falls and hurts themselves.

And I need special insurance for this?

Precisely, so-called event liability insurance. Everything that happens during an event is insured by a certain amount. This begins at one million euros; one can choose the number of days and the duration of the event. A further point is: How many people are participating? Our lower limit is 100 to 200 people for one day.

Event at the Bank Austria Salon, Photo: Bank Austria Salon

Debate with Christine Bauer-Jelinek, Bernhard Seyringer and Patrick Catuz, Photo: Bank Austria Salon

This perfectly describes the Bank Austria Salon. How exactly does insurance work there?

Bank Austria places the space at the artists’ disposal at no cost. Hence, the organizers are the artists themselves and not Bank Austria, which, incidentally, also recommends that they take out insurance. The artists then contact us and agree an event liability insurance contract with me. One day with an insured amount of one million euros for 100 to 200 people costs 100 euros. That’s not much but one is comprehensively covered.

Is there any insurance cover if an event is cancelled due to Covid 19?

Earlier, so-called epidemic-related loss-of-use coverage was also common. But it doesn’t exist anymore because the risk has simply become too large due to the lockdowns.

The exhibits by artist Rebecca Horn at the Bank Austria Kunstforum are also covered by the ERGO insurance, Photo: Gregor Titze

Exhibition Rebecca Horn at Bank Austria Kunstforum, Photo: Gregor Titze

And how are museums and art collections insured?

That’s a complex and lengthy business because, first of all, the insured amounts have to be calculated. In the case of artworks this isn’t so easy and these are often sums in the millions that are hard to estimate. But we also have experience in this area and ERGO Versicherung AG exclusively insures the exhibits in the Bank Austria Kunstforum. In the case of cultural venues, the issues are theft, bad weather, leaking pipes and fire. All these have to be insured against.

Can one insurance company cover all this on its own?

In the case of large projects it’s not uncommon for several insurers to work together. Also, because each service provider specializes in something different. When we insure museums, this is dealt with by our specialist departments, who start a detailed analysis. It’s a long process until everything has been evaluated and one discovers what the insured amount should be.