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Bank Austria

I am ready

Having your own studio is a dream. The BAK Studios have enough space, even to realise larger artistic projects.

Photo: Alexi Pelekanos

Which five words would you use to describe the BAK Studios?

Cool, creative, inspiring, supportive and innovative

Which form of support is particularly important for you?

I’m really happy that I don’t have to pay any rent. This means that I can fully focus on my art. But it’s just as important to me that I have the opportunity to get to know other fascinating artists, with whom I can exchange ideas. For me, Bank Austria is a sort of sparring partner. We’re training together for my future. Regardless of whatever problems arise, we’ll find a solution.

Photo: Alexi Pelekanos

Where do you see you and your artistic career in five years’ time?

Having my own studio is my basis. From here I’ll have been able to establish myself, first on the domestic and then on the international art scene. My first joint exhibitions with other studios will have enabled me to gather the experience on the basis of which I’ll be able to manage my own artistic career.

I will have found a gallery to represent me. Perhaps even already sold a couple of works and got to know a couple of collectors who visited me in the studio.

Photo: Alexi Pelekanos

Photo: Alexi Pelekanos